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How to prepare for a portrait shoot?

Hair and makeup

This is probably the easiest part of the preparation. Hair and makeup are part of the transformation that you will undergo with us, so there is no need to pay significant attention to hair or makeup in advance. All you need is clean hair. We will take care of everything else. Of course, it is ideal if you come to the photo rested and well asleep, or in a good mood. But if even this fails to prepare, we will do everything we can to make you leave us in a good mood and to make it visible in your portraits.

If it doesn't work for you and you come up with makeup, it shouldn't be rough so as not to obscure the structure of the skin. No need to worry, if there is a rash just in time, it is very easy to retouch. It is more about color tuning and unifying the skin than overlapping temporary defects.

Nails are often forgotten during preparation. Unfortunately, the current photos have a huge resolution and especially if we use our hands somewhere on the face, you need to have your nails in condition to be happy with them.

The clothes

We recommend that you bring really more types of clothing. Different colors, cuts, different types of necklines can make a big difference.

It is advisable to have more types of necklines available - it is a very individual thing, something different lands in everyone's photo.

In general, one-color items are more suitable than patterned ones. Especially large patterns and wider contrast strips can immediately draw attention to themselves. But the rules are about to be broken. If you have colorful pieces in which you feel good, bring them.  

A separate chapter is transparency. In a photo, things may look more translucent than live. If you're not sure, bring, we'll try.

If we have an agreed wardrobe from the consultation, it does not mean that you cannot bring other things. It can be something sports from formal clothes to some things.

The straps and tank tops look great when you are happy with your shoulders and arms. Long sleeves or sleeves under the elbow are safe, short ones can also be nice. Shirts, blouses and sleeveless T-shirts are the most problematic for close shots of the face and shoulders, because during a headshot the grip is quite narrow and the combination of a shirt and a piece of shoulder often does not look good. But again, with wider portraits it may not be a problem at all, on the contrary.

It would be good to have at least five outfits that you can take turns, respectively. combine, even more is ok, but we can handle less.

In general, it is much better if the clothing is shaped or wrapped as completely loose. Especially those oversized things that are now worn and live can look very nice, in a photo they can only make a kind of "kick". But if you have a favorite huge sweater in which you want a portrait, we will play with styling and posing so that it is also a nice accessory. Otherwise, you can also use your favorite pre-lockdown dresses for photography, which can no longer be turned on. You just can't see it in that photo when we look at you from the right side :)

Things may not correspond to the current season at all. If you have a favorite sweater or coat and it is July, you will last in that moment, we will be happy to put the air conditioning at a lower temperature because of your feeling. And of course the opposite is true.

Do you feel that you are missing the right or unworn piece of clothing? Play around - go buy it and return it after the photo shoot if you want. It is usually not a problem to hide pinned tickets so that they are not visible in the photo. Just remember to find out in advance whether the goods can be returned in that store.

In the studio we have a few basic pieces of clothing that you can use for free. These are mainly things that are not commonly worn or, on the contrary, are so common that people most often forget them when packing. See if something from our wardrobe doesn't fit your portrait, it will be ready for you here.  



If there is a piece of clothing or prop that is typical for you - either for work or privately (hat, gown, guitar, doll, whatever) and you would like to take a photo with it, feel free to bring it. We also had a motorcycle helmet for a photo in a suit and it didn't look bad at all. But boxing gloves, dumbbells and a sports pistol were already here.

Shoes, jewelry and accessories

Belts, shoes, jewelry as needed. In simple headshots, where there is only a face, jewelry is not recommended, but in a wider portrait we can afford it, so bring anything that feels good to you, or it captures you. If you are used to walking in boats, be sure to bring them. If they may not be in the shot, often only your sense of elegance can shift your portrait. Otherwise you can be completely calm in sneakers or barefoot.  


If you wear glasses, bring two or three types, if you have one. Not only because of the design, but different glasses have different reflective properties, and since we want to see your eyes, we will work with different glasses so that we reduce the reflection from them to a minimum. Some photographers choose slides from the frame, but we never do that, it's essential to make it look natural.

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It may sound like science, but you don't have to worry about it. Follow the basic rules:

1. Clothes for photography must be clothes (as well as accessories) that you like and in which you feel good. If you do not feel well in it, it will show in the photo.

2. If you like something and you feel good about it, but you have doubts whether it will look good in the photo, just bring it, we will try.

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