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Chic Portraits

portrét žena fotograf bratislava

There are many wonderful reasons for ladies to come to us. Some want to capture moments of pregnancy, other have decided that they would like beautiful pictures of their mother in her 50s or 60s or they want to give a beautiful gift to a partner. But most of them come simply to make themselves happy and find their beauty in a difficult or maybe in beautiful period of their lives.

Whatever the reason, every client is unique to us and we want her to remember every moment of her chic experience as something really special.

Portrait photography will help you to be yourself. It's liberating. You look beautiful, you feel good being you. Strong, confident and admired. And it affects all aspects of your life. Really.

We create tangible and lasting images that tell your story - the story of a woman, mother, mother with daughter or best friend - the choice is up to you.

We capture portraits that you often cannot describe in words, it is just a feeling. Love, joy, self-confidence, self-respect and empowerment - feelings you may have thought were long forgotten or gone.

That is the power of portraits. They can do it all.  That is what we love about them. 

"... after a crazy time in my life, this was one of my best experiences ... I'd wish this for every woman ..."

Yes, for you too

You probably do not think you are photogenic and you hate to be photographed. We promise that you will find here that photography can be fun and that it will be a pleasant and unforgettable experience for you.

We will do your hair and makeup, we will help you with 
deciding what to wear and we will make sure that you end up with the most beautiful portraits of yourself in your hands. 

Making your portraits beautiful is our job, you just have to come and enjoy.

portrét fotograf bratislava

"... you have an incredible talent to capture what you normally don't see with your eyes :) person in her authenticity  :) I'm absolutely thrilled! ..."

portrét pohyb tanec fotograf bratislava

How does it all work?

Our portrait system is based on three meetings.


The most important thing for us is that the result meets your expectations. Before our photography session, we will discuss why you decided to take photos, how you would like to take photos and what you expect from portraits. But it doesn't matter at all if you have no idea. We have a large number of different styles of photos that can inspire you and we will be happy to guide you through the decision-making process. Consultation normally  takes place in person at our studio so when the shooting day comes, you know where you are going and know what to expect from the studio and from the photograper.

During the consultation, we will agree on the style of photography, styling and wardrobe that will be needed for the chosen style of photography, pricing and of course how to prepare yourself for the photo shoot. You will have the opportunity to ask anything you will be interested in about portrait photography. At the end consultation, we will agree on a date for the photo session.

"... thank you again for a really fantastic day. I felt like a queen thanks to you"

Photo Shoot Day  

This is your moment, so we want you to enjoy it as much as possible. Sit down, relax. Have an espresso. Or would you rather have a glass of prossecca? Here you go! Put yourself in the hands of a makeup and hair expert right in our studio. We will always do our best to exceed your expectations.


Few of our clients feel that they are photogenic and comfortable in front of the lens. That's why the most important task of a photographer is to help you put that feeling behind your head, get you into the comfort zone and guide you through the whole shoot so that you can enjoy it and look forward to the result.

After the photo shoot, don't forget to plan a with your friends. You will have perfect makeup, a new hairstyle and a great mood - why not go to a restaurant, theater or bar?

portret business fotograf bratislava

"Normally I can't decide which one I like the most, they are all fantastic!"

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Presentation and selection of finished portraits

A presentation meeting in our studio is probably the most popular part of our process. We will show you a selection of 25-30 photos from your session. We have carefully selected the best ones. All have been professionally refurbished. High-end processes, software and a sensitive hand will ensure a natural, elegant and beautiful result. They are well printed and mounted in mounts made of beautiful archival paper made by Italian. We leave nothing to chance. Portrait processing usually takes 10-14 days.

You can choose from them. One or more, but of course it's better to choose from our portrait packages. If you want them all, you can have them all. But you don't have to buy anything. You only pay for those you don't want to leave without. No one will push you.

In addition to the portraits you choose, you will also receive a digital version in full resolution.

The smallest package of chic portraits contains 5 photographs, the largest 20. The larger packages also include handmade luxury cassettes or portfolios made of eco-leather or genuine leather from the Italian company Graphistudio. which are used to present portraits and store them securely for generations.  

The photo session fee is 199 euros is paid when booking a photo shoot and covers a pre-photo consultation, information material on how to prepare for the photo shoot, top makeup, hair styling during the photo shoot, practically unlimited time for fully booked photos during the day, unlimited appearance - clothes for photography, professional retouching and portrait printing, from which you can choose at the presentation and, of course, small snacks and a wonderful atmosphere on the day of the photo and at the presentation of portraits. There is no photo for the photo session.

The Chic Mini package containing 5 portraits starts at 699 euros.  

It doesn't hurt to keep track of our events and projects , where you can often get occasional price benefits. All prices include VAT.

5 good reasons why our chic portraits are perfect for you. And all you have to do is find one that works for you
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