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Chic Portraits - Price list

Your investment in chic portraits consists of two basic components:


Photo session fee: 199

The photo sitting fee is paid when booking a date for photography and covers a consultation on the style of photography, clothing, preparation, etc. before the photo shoot, information material on how to prepare for the photo shoot, top makeup, hairstyle adjustment during the photo shoot, practically unlimited time of fully booked photo shoot during the day, unlimited number of appearances - clothes for photography, professional retouching and printing of portraits from which you can choose and of course also small snacks and a wonderful atmosphere on the day of the photo shoot and during the presentation of portraits.  The photo session fee is not refundable and is linked to a specific shooting date. If necessary, we will be happy to change the date of the photo for you once you notify us of the change at least 5 days in advance. The photo session fee does not include photos.

Portrait packages, single portraits and / or large prints

You don't have to buy any photos you don't want to buy in our studio. During the presentation we will show you 25-30 portraits, from which you can choose the ones you like. You can choose just one, all, or anything in between. If the presented portrait in the mat does not suit you, you can buy the portrait printed on canvas, aluminum plate, acrylic glass or a large-scale photograph mounted in the mat. All offered products are made to order in the required size by the Italian company Graphistudio, with the exception of wooden display cassettes, which we import from Ireland. 

A single portrait, if the number of selected portraits is less than in the smallest package - 189 euros

Portrait packages


20 professionally crafted portraits printed on quality paper fitted in a handmade mat stored in a luxury genuine leather case or portfolio from Graphistudio

2 390


10 professionally processed portraits printed on quality paper  mounted in hand  produced pasparte saved  in a luxury eco-leather cassette from the Italian company Graphistudio

1 339

chic mini

5 professionally processed portraits printed on quality paper and fitted in an Italian passport made by hand by an Italian company  Graphistudio


All prices are in euros, including VAT.

portfolio 3.jpg

Subscribe to the package and save 

If you pay for the package immediately when booking the date or When ordering a voucher, you will receive the best price. Prepaid packages can only be refunded in the form of a prepaid voucher for our services in the corresponding value.


Gift voucher with package subscription at  ordering or booking a session. You only pay for 2,140

discount 250 euros


Gift voucher with package subscription at  ordering or booking a session. You only pay 1,239

discount 100 euros

chic mini

Gift voucher with package prepayment when ordering or booking a seat. You only pay 649

discount 50 euros

All prices are in euros, including VAT.

Optional package extensions


Extra portrait - 89


Extra portrait - 129

Cassette - genuine leather - 99

Portfolio - genuine leather - 99

chic mini

Extra portrait - 159

Cassette Reveal box - eco leather - 159

Reveal box - genuine leather - 199

Portfolio - genuine leather - 199

All prices are in euros, including VAT.

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Graphistudio Portfolio

Luxury genuine leather case  to your portraits

photo (c) graphistudio

portfolio 1.jpg

Graphistudio Reveal Box 

A luxury cassette upholstered in eco-leather or genuine leather will make any portrait you want to exhibit stand out while safely storing others  your portraits

photo (c) graphistudio

portfolio 3.jpg
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